Basement Flood Protector Products

Whether customers need foundation crack repair, a backup sump pump system or any other type of service or product to keep their basement safe from flooding, Basement Flood Protector is ready to help. Basement Flood Protector has delivered reliable solutions to more than 25,000 customers over the last four decades, and will always be committed to delivering 100 percent customer satisfaction. These are just a few of the products offered by Chicagoland’s premier basement waterproofing company.

Backup Sump Pump Systems

Backup Sump Pump Systems A backup sump pump system can be a vital last line of defense for a basement that is threatened with a flood. Whether that water intrusion is due to an extended rain, melting snow or some sort of plumbing malfunction, a backup sump pump can keep water out should the main pump fail or your home suffers a power outage.

Electric Sump Pumps

Electric Sump PumpAll of our electric sump pumps are of the highest quality so that you can be 100 percent certain your system will work when you need it the most. We back our products and our services with the best warranties in the business because we want all of our customers to be comfortable and confident no matter what the weather may do outside.

Sump Pump Accessories

Sump Pump AccessoriesWe carry a large variety of sump pump accessories, including sump pits, covers and many others. Our “Big Bottom Basin” sump pump pit, for example, will help extend the life of your pump thanks to its larger amount of storage capacity. Your pump will not have to cycle on and off as often, and, as a result, will last a great deal longer.

Window Wells

Window WellsOur window well covers will keep your wells clear of debris that can result in potentially damaging clogs. We are experts in providing custom-made window well covers that will help prevent flooding and other issues. Not only will we build a cover to your exact specifications, we can also install it on site.

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If you would like to learn more about any of the products we offer, or you would like so schedule foundation crack repair or any other basement waterproofing service, get in touch with Basement Flood Protector. Contact us online or call (847) 438-6770.