Electric Sump Pump

Electric Sump PumpsAn electric sump pump is one of the most critical components of a home’s basement waterproofing system. When the skies open up, a reliable pump system is a must to ensure that damaging flooding does not take place. Basement Flood Protector sells and installs top-of-the-line pump systems that will work reliably when they are needed the most.

How to Tell if You Need a New Electric Sump Pump

Regardless of how high-quality your drainage system may be, if you have a faulty electric sump pump that will not mean a whole lot. You should check your present system closely to make sure it is operating properly. Here is how to do it.

  • Take a bucket down to your basement and fill it with water.
  • Take the cover off of your sump basin.
  • Fill the basin slowly with water until the pump engages.

If the pump starts almost immediately, that probably means the float switch is not set high enough. While the pump will still likely move water out of your basement, it will have a shorter lifespan because it will have to cycle on and off much too often. Conversely, if the water gets near the top of the basin or overflows before the pump starts, that means the float switch is set too high.

But if your system either does not start at all, sounds like it is straining, or water flows back through the pump, that means you either need a new electric sump pump or you need it repaired.

We feature:

Protector EcoPower

Protector EcoPower: More Info
The Protector EcoPower electric sump pumps offers the BEST of both worlds – high pumping capacity AND low power consumption. Not only will these pumps handle the worst storms, they will do so using less amperage, which is particularly beneficial when teamed up as a backup pump system with our Protector Hybrid Series of AC/Inverter type of backup sump pump systems. Make your system even more efficient by installing the new Protector “Big Bottom Basin”, which allows longer, less frequent cycling.


Zoeller Pump Company

Zoeller M53 1/3 hp Sump Pump (34 GPM): Draws 10 amps, 1.5″ discharge. Cast iron body pump with a vertical switch. 3-year warranty.Champion CPW5V 1/2 hp Sewage Ejector Pump (100 GPM): Draws less than 10 amps, 2″ discharge, cast iron body with a vertical switch. 1-year warranty. Champion CPW5V Spec Sheet

Hydromatic:V30A1 1/3 hp Sump Pump (35 GPM): Draws 10 amps, 1.5″ discharge. High quality, cast-iron body pump with a vertical switch. 1-year warranty. Hydromatic V30A1 SpecSheet

SKV50 1/2 hp Sewage Ejector (100 GPM): Draws 12 amps, 2″ discharge. Can handle up to a 2″ solid. Great value for a high-quality sewage ejector! Hydromatic SKV50 Spec Sheet

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At Basement Flood Protector, we carry only the best electric sump pump systems. We offer unbeatable warranties and we guarantee expert installation. The next time a major thunderstorm parks over your home, you can rest easy knowing that your pump will do its job and your home will be protected. Call (847) 438-6770 or contact us online to schedule an installation.