Sump Pump Accessories

Basement Flood Protector offers a wide range of sump pump accessories that will keep a basement dry no matter what the elements can dish out. These products include sump pits, sump covers, electric sump pumps and much more.

Sump Pump Accessories to Bring You Peace of Mind

Sump Pump AccessoriesIf you are tired of having to stress out every time it rains because you are worried your basement will flood, you need to get in touch with Basement Flood Protector. We have several different types of sump pump accessories that will ensure your basement remains dry and all of its contents remain safe.

For example, we carry sump pits and covers, which are valuable components of any sump pump system. We not only carry the best pits and covers on the market, we also have them in many sizes. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will work closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you need.

The “Big Bottom Basin” Sump Pump Pit

One of our most popular sump pump accessories is the Big Bottom Basin sump pit. This two-chambered, extra-wide bottomed pit will greatly extend the life of your pump equipment due to its larger storage capacity. This extra-large capacity will reduce the need for your pump to cycle on and off as often. If the pump does not have to work as hard, it will simply last longer. The basin, which comes with a clear cover, will allow your pump to work freely without space restrictions.

The Protector “Big Bottom Basin”

Standard Sump Pits and Covers (the following are not Big Bottom Basins):
A. 22″ X 18″ Poly Sump Pit: $56 – View Picture
B. 30″ X 18″ Poly Ejector Pit: $75 – View Picture
C. 18″ Poly Sump Pit Cover: $25 (20.5″ o.d.) – View Picture
D. 18″ Ejector, Gas Tight Cover, Poly: $50 (21″ o.d.) (2) 2″ pipe gaskets – View Picture
E. 36″ X 22″ Poly Basin: $159 – View Picture
F. 22″ Steel Pit Cover: $129 – View Picture

Sump Pump Switches

AC Switches:
Vertical Master: $75 Click here for spec sheet | View Picture

DC Switches:
BFPVM (Vertical Master): $75 Same as VM switch listed above, modified for Protector pumps. – View Picture
BFP Standard Fully Adjustable Switch Included With Protector: $75 – View Picture

Sump Pump Valves

Check Valves:
Clear Quite Check Valve (1 1/2″ Glue-In): – $29 – View Picture
Clear Quite Check Valve (1 1/2″ Rubber Connectors): – $29
Clear Quiet Check Valve (2″ Glue-In): – $49
Clear Quite Check Valve  (2″ Rubber Connectors): – $49

Backwater Valves:

MainLine 4″: $3,500 to $5,000 installed. This range is just an estimate. In home quote required.

Only the AGM battery may be shipped, but it usually makes more sense for the consumer to find one locally. We can help. Our website will “allow” you to add a battery to the shopping cart, but only do so if you are picking the system up or we are delivering. Installation is available in the greater Chicagoland area or we will ship your complete system package anywhere in the US. Please feel free to call for more information 1-800-238-0822. 

Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Marine Battery (Group 31): $169
AGM Battery (Group 31): $225

Contact Us About Sump Pump Accessories

In addition to pits and covers, some of our other sump pump accessories include check valves, backwater valves, high-water alarms, internet connected alarms/sensors, batteries for backup systems and many, many others. Give us a call at (847) 438-6770 or contact us online to learn more.