Drainage Engineering

Trench WorkA basement that has a chronic flooding problem or often stresses the capacity of the sump pump may have an underlying drainage engineering issue. Our trained and experienced staff can assess your property’s current drainage issues and engineer a solution that meets your basement’s needs.

Drainage Engineering Solution No. 1

Gutter and Sump Discharge: If your downspouts and sump pump discharge do not work correctly, you may be facing difficulties the next time a huge thunderstorm or snowstorm arrives. One of the main reasons these systems fail to do their jobs correctly is due to slipshod drainage engineering. The water discharged by your pump and downspouts needs to be taken as far away from your foundation as possible. Otherwise, the integrity of your home could be compromised. Let a Basement Flood Protector expert assess your drainage system and recommend the changes that can eliminate your flooding problems for good.

Trench WorkDrainage Engineering Solution No. 2

French Drains: French drains may be the solution if your basement floods on a regular basis. We install them in a way that they act almost like a curtain, intercepting water as it moves toward your home and redirecting it to a place where it will do no harm.

Popuppix Trench DrainDrainage Engineering Solution No. 3

Trough Drains: One of the most effective drainage engineering systems for driveways, stairwells and sunken patios is grated trough drains. If you have sliding patio doors and you experience flooding during heavy rains, you should seriously consider this option.

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